Tandem 2+1 Leisure

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  • Type: sit-on-top
  • Length: 370cm
  • Width: 86cm
  • Height: 40cm
  • Weight: 32kg
  • Max Load: 315kg



12 D-rings

for easy clip-on of items such as seats


2 x side handles

for easy transport of your kayak


2 paddle clips

to safely store your paddle when not in use


2 fittings

for multi directional rod holders or other accessories


8 drainage points

located around the kayak allowing you to choose where to drain water whilst maintaining desired areas dry


2 premium comfort seats

with added padding to help with increased time on the water. They also come with built in rear storage for keeping at hand any bits and pieces


2 two-piece paddles

made from high-grade aluminium making it light and weather resistant. The paddle can be easily constructed and deconstructed for easy storage


8 scupper plugs

made from high quality rubber. Insert and remove when required for self-drainage system to activate


2 large central hatches

for easy access and general storage, complete with hermetic seals


1 x bow and 1 x stern handle

for easy transport of your kayak


4 moulded foot braces

for comfortable positioning whilst paddling


1 moulded drink holder

to carry easy access drink to keep you hydrated


2 large flush mount fixed rod holders

for those times you fancy fishing


1 drainage plug

to completely drain any bilge water that has been absorbed into the hull after use


1 rear storage area

complete with bungees, this area makes it easy to transport items on the kayak


1 moulded anchorage in rear of kayak

for the ability to place an outboard motor


2 splash bags

that comes within the central hatch. Note: we recommend storing any fragile items, such as mobile phones, in dedicated waterproof containers as humidity and condensation can still get within the dry bag


1 lifeline made from durable rope

this durable rope allows fisherman to connect items to it, and is useful for manoeuvres such as anchor positioning. The new rope, versus the previous elastic, also improves manoeuvrability of the kayak if the worst happens and you need to use it as a lifeline


9 copper inserts strategically placed around your kayak

One insert is placed in the front of the kayak for accessories like the RailBlaza Camera Mount and Camerabooms using a G-Star ports. Four inserts are placed on either side of the kayak for mounting various accessories and have been specifically designed to fit Railblaza Tracports. Finally, these side mounts are useful for extra support for those interested in kayak sailing using a sail like the Vela Eola.


The Galaxy Tandem 2+1 sit on top kayak is ideal for trips with friends and family! The two plus one design means it is ready to hold two adults and a child or a maximum weight of 315 kg.

The new Cruz Fisher Tandem 2+1 model comes with nine copper inserts strategically placed around your kayak. One at the front and two on either side of each paddler. These inserts allow for easy and drill-free installation of popular accessories like the Cameraboom or Camera Mount in the front of the kayak, and up to four G-Star ports which fit perfectly on either side of each paddler.

These new lateral inserts are also ideal for the placement of rod holders and fishfinders, in case you wish to adapt this kayak for fishing. Finally, if you’re interested in sailing on your kayak then these side supports are designed for the attachment of sails and keels when using a kayak sail system like the Vela Eola.

More still, the newest Cruz Fisher Tandem model also comes with a lifeline made from durable rope and an anchorage to support a motor included as standard.

Like all Galaxy Kayaks, the Cruz Fisher Tandem 2+1 comes fully equipped with 2 premium seats and 2 paddles so all you need are life-jackets and you are ready for your next adventure!


Flame, Jungle, Marine, Silver, Tropical


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